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  • What makes Clearview Softwash different from other exterior cleaning companies?
    Clearview Softwash is devoted to providing it’s customers the highest level of quality, value, professionalism and customer service. We will treat you, your home and property with respect and as if it were our own. We will not rush to complete a job, or cut corners to save time. Clearview Softwash prides itself on spending as much time as necessary to ensure that a high level of value is provided and your 100% level of satisfaction is achieved. We invite comparison to other roof and exterior cleaning companies. Do they have proof of $1 million dollar commercial liability insurance, have they invested in professional grade equipment, are their personnel uniformed, clean-cut, cleared background checks, listed with Ask the Seal, have company IDs with background check dates listed? We provide safe, proven SoftWash and Purified water cleaning methods, utilize professional grade equipment, use exclusively low-pressure SoftWash methods, and non-damaging, eco-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solutions for your exterior home cleaning needs. We are trained and specialize in the cleaning and treatment of roofs and siding. Don’t take our word for it, see what others think about Clearview Softwash by viewing our Testimonials.
  • How much does it cost to have my roof cleaned?
    Each roof cleaning job is different, and many factors are taken into consideration when developing a quote. Pitch of the roof, square footage, degree of black stains, is moss and/or lichen present, perimeter landscaping, accessibility, water spigot pressure, etc. Typically, but depending on the factors mentioned prior, an average roof cleaning and treatment is on the average of .35-.50 cents per square foot (roof square footage not inside home square footage).
  • Can bacteria, algae, moss or lichen cause roof damage?"
    Yes! Un-treated roofs may lose up to 50% of the expected roof shingle life cycle. The black streaks (bacteria) are eating the limestone in the shingle and causing erosion. Roof bacteria, moss, lichen and algae all cause granular loss from shingles. The bacteria weaken the shingle, the fiber root systems moss and lichen cause discoloration, and can cause small cracks in shingles. The resulting damage will lesson the life cycle of the roof. Granular loss also reduces reflection of the suns UV rays and protection from the elements. The earlier your roof is cleaned and treated the better! Clearview Softwash can remove the bacteria, algae, moss or lichen from your roof.
  • Will the cleaning solution damage my plants, pets or family?"
    Specific plant and property protection training has been completed and protective measures are part of our everyday operating procedures! People, plants and pets remain safe! All of our solutions are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We ask that pets and their families stay in doors until the job is complete. Certainly we understand people need to come and go. This is accomplished with just a little coordination in the work area. Pets are free to go outside once the job is complete and the work site is cleaned up. Our crew is trained to do everything within our power to protect plant and property! We pre-wet all nearby plants and vegetation as a precaution, then continue as needed during the cleaning and treatment just to be extra protective to your plant beds. Clearview Softwash takes every foreseeable precaution to insure that your landscaping and personnel property are protected and remain in the same condition or better than when we arrived at your site.
  • How much does it cost to have my windows cleaned?
    Each window cleaning job is different, and many factors are taken into consideration when developing a quote. One of our estimators will come out to give you a free estimate but if you want an idea before we come out you can go to our instant estimate page at the bottom and get a quote right away. Then our estimator can come out and look at your home and see if there is anything more needed give you an excellent experience.
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